The letter of motivation should not, however, be used as a platform to explain potential gaps in your vita, unless those breaks contributed to your decision to write a dissertation. Nonetheless, many applicants get lost in empty phrases that bore readers rather than exciting them - and thus give away a great opportunity to impress the members of the selection committee. To avoid sharing that fate, allow as much time as possible for the preparation of the letter of motivation and go about it methodically - for example by following the academics-plan in four steps A convincing letter of motivation in four steps Step 1 - The concept First, you should think about a why you are pursuing a PhD, b what qualities you bring to the program, and c why the graduate school you are applying to is the right one for you.

Step 4 - Fine-tuning Even though complex syntactical constructions are popular among academics, you should avoid them in your letter of motivation. Instead of unnerving the reader with long sentences, you should keep them short and simple.

More frequently, however, the schools will ask the applicants for standardized language and admissions tests scores. Even if you speak a language very well, you should prepare for such tests carefully. Results are often determined not merely by a candidate's skills, but by his or her familiarity with the test format. Most exams are computer-based and will subject candidates to a series of stress tests that will almost certainly negatively affect test scores without adequate preparation.

Try to get feedback from friends and fellow students, who will give useful advice and find spelling errors that may have escaped your attention. Spelling and grammar are critical factors in every application: Overlooking mistakes in cv for phd application germany own application demonstrates a lack of thoroughness that may lead the selection committee to conclude that you are not a careful researcher. Such errors are seen as indicators that the applicant's work lacks quality and are frequent reasons for a candidate's rejection.

At academics. Application to a German Graduate School: the letter of motivation It is an important part of every application, for some graduate schools the most important one: the letter of motivation. It helps selection committees recognize a candidate's academic enthusiasm, the most reliable sign for the personal perseverance necessary to make it to the PhD finish line.

While all that sounds complicated it is worth remembering that unlike the dissertation itself, the methodology is not exercise in academic innovation - you do not need to reinvent the wheel. That saves time and shows your understanding of the academic process. Outline and schedule: Both outline and schedule are always hypothetical. Nobody knows what the lab results will be, which surprises are cv for phd application germany you in the archives or what will come out of the interviews that are the basis of your dissertation.

After all, selection committees are looking for competent, well-prepared candidates who know details about the respective graduate school, convince professionally and fit into one of the current research teams, cv for phd application germany.

The topic: This is where you define the objectives and the guiding questions you are trying to answer in your project. Whether you are dealing with political resistance in Franco's Spain or the synthesis of metal oxide materials - when it comes to the legitimization of the topic the key issues are almost always the same.

However, the GRE is a much less common component of application packages in Germany. However, there are only six test dates in and the deadline to sign up is often set weeks before the actual test date.

Personal motivation is one of the most reliable predictors of a successful dissertation project. Whether it's academic passion, the prospect of career advancement or a higher salary - with the right goal in mind, many PhD students successfully weather even the most difficult periods in the dissertation process.

As part of a PhD application, or applying for any other position in research, you may be required to write an academic CV. A CV for a PhD student has several differences to a standard CV. This guide explains how to write a CV for academia. At you can find a CV template (which you can download here) with important hints for you to keep in mind for your PhD application. Application to a German Graduate School: the letter of motivation. It is an important part of every application, for some graduate schools the most important one: the letter of motivation. How to write a CV for a PhD application. Regarding your masters thesis, you can indicate a working title for your thesis when you list your Masters under your education. This implies research experience and the area in which the experience has been acquired. You can furthermore describe under your research project experience what skills/roles you.

PhD at a German Graduate School: the personal interview It is the final hurdle before a German graduate school will accept a candidate: the personal interview, cv for phd application germany.

Thus, you should prepare for the test well in advance. Generally, cv for phd application germany, TestDaF level 4 cv for phd application germany qualify you for acceptance into a German university, although some cv for phd application germany schools require level 5 for admission.

After all, those in charge of making the decision need to find out, which candidates have the necessary perseverance and are in it with their whole heart instead of just professional advantage.

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Besides setting the thematic boundaries of your project you need to explain how your work relates to the existing research and describe its current relevance within the academic world. In other words, cv for phd application germany, you need to explain where you see the knowledge gap and why right now is the right time to close that gap, cv for phd application germany.

But even though one's desire for career advancement may well provide enough personal drive for an individual to push through, cv for phd application germany, German graduate schools prefer those PhD students who are looking to pursue a career in academia, motivated by personal idealism or scientific enthusiasm.

For candidates, these short conversations are an extreme situation: After months of research, the careful crafting of an application and the long wait for a response, it all comes down to this one moment. But an invitation to interview also means that the application materials were impressive enough to consider the candidate. Applicants should translate this knowledge into the necessary self-confidence it takes to succeed in the interview - in combination, cv for phd application germany, of course, with a good preparation.

cv for phd application germany

Therefore, the letter of motivation is your chance to give a personal note to the application and convince the committee of your passion for research and science. What you should include in your letter of motivation - and what you should leave out Graduate schools in Germany seek motivated PhD students.

However, the fact of the matter is that no scholar of any discipline will succeed without a solid methodology. Therefore, you should carefully consider which method or theory you want cv for phd application germany utilize and how you want to test your hypotheses. Develop a sound reasoning for your approach. Part of the methodology is the definition and operationalization of all pertinent terms, i.

It is common for specialized area and linguistic studies programs to ask for knowledge of other languages relevant to the course of study. Some graduate schools may simply accept cv for phd application germany that verifies the applicant's high school education in the respective language.

For roughly 90 percent of all German graduate schools, the personal interview is a necessary requirement before applicants are ultimately accepted as PhD candidates.

That is why the letter of motivation is an important indicator for many German graduate schools during the selection process.

The proposal is your opportunity to define a framework for your research project, establish a working schedule and do important groundwork for a successful dissertation. What are the questions the paper is trying to answer, cv for phd application germany, what is the theoretical approach, and what sources will be exploited for it? It is therefore critical to proceed as carefully as possible. Your readers are experienced academics that not only evaluate the relevance of your proposal but also its feasibility.

Try to find out if your department lets you consult older dissertation proposals and look for online resources that can help you write your own, cv for phd application germany.

What do you hope to achieve with your dissertation at this graduate school?


And: Make sure you are aware of the graduate school's preferred formatting expectations and standards. Do they ask for one or two pages? Is there a maximum number of words? Do they prescribe font size or line spacing? Of course, you should adhere to such standards. If no such standards exist, we recommend submitting a letter of motivation no longer than two double-spaced pages ca. Step 3 - The structure Just like every academic essay, your letter of motivation should open with an introduction that can be recognized as such and be followed by the main body of your writing.

At Post-doc level you would typically find the same CV style in Germany like in the US. The OP asked about a CV for a PhD admission. – non-numeric_argument Feb 10 '14 at The linked The Local article says "leave out any description of personal qualities, interests and hobbies". At you can find a CV template (which you can download here) with important hints for you to keep in mind for your PhD application. Application to a German Graduate School: the letter of motivation. It is an important part of every application, for some graduate schools the most important one: the letter of motivation. Cv for phd application germany - You must also focus on such problems are related gall, borg, & gall, p. Students were shown a positive communication, b positive adult role models, I service learning, j safe environment, k high expectations, l programs, m development of some connecting phrases similarity,repetition, or the fact that the long metal troughs drawing water from the lost thoughts.

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The biggest advantage of the TOEFL is the infrastructure provided by the test administrator Cv for phd application germany, which offers more than 50 dates every year and delivers results quickly ca.

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It has various specialized editions, which test particular fields of study relevant for specific graduate programs, and one general version, the so-called GRE General Test. The latter, which is most frequently requested by schools, has three components: analytical, which requires test takers to argue a point persuasively; quantitative, an advanced math exam; and verbal, which tests for the candidate's knowledge of academic English vocabulary.

Please enter an email address in a valid format, cv for phd application germany. No matter where you apply, whether a German graduate school, a research training group or PhD cv for phd application germany at a German university, you will likely need to provide evidence of your language skills to complete the application materials. In most cv for phd application germany PhD candidates should have a solid command of both English and German.

In the letter, you should describe your motivation to pursue your research using tangible examples. These could be anything from your personal connection to the country, whose society you want to discuss in your dissertation, or the passion for technology that you discovered during a volunteer engagement that now pushes you towards a career in research and development.

Brainstorm for ideas, collect them and shape them into a convincing concept. Make sure that everything is perfectly tailored to the specific graduate school's expectations, for example the location, research opportunities or faculty at the university you are applying to. Use the setup function of your word processor to ensure that the font, line spacing 1,5 or 2and margins convey your professionalism.

Moreover, there are many different ways to prepare for the TOEFL, both online and through extensive preparation programs. The test itself usually takes between four and four and a half hours to complete, making it the longest of all comparable examinations. Most PhD programs require a score between 80 and out of possible points for the so-called TOEFL ibT - the internet-based version of the test, which is the only version still offered in Germany.

Usually, these interviews are conducted at the school in Germany, though some institutions offer phone interviews via Skype, cv for phd application germany, telephone or in some cases even at education fairs across the globe.

However, not unlike the private sector, cv for phd application germany, there is no one strategy that helps you master every interview. Nonetheless, if you prepare well and cv for phd application germany the expectations of the selection committee you have every chance to Excel.

What happens in an interview at a German graduate school? Even though not every interview follows the same routine, there are some commonalities that all graduate schools share. Generally, the candidate is initially given the opportunity to present their prospective dissertation project - sometimes in the form of an academic presentation that can last up to 30 minutes. Afterwards, the candidate will answer the committee's questions.


cv for phd application germany

After writing the body, cv for phd application germany, you will have a better understanding of how to summarize its contents. After all, cv for phd application germany, the first sentences usually briefly summarize the arguments that are discussed in the main part. This strategy will help you create a common thread that will run through your letter and culminate in an effective conclusion, which once more indicates your personal advantages.



Nonetheless, a well-conceived outline and a coherent schedule are incredibly important for the assessment of your dissertation project. Many German graduate schools aim to produce PhDs within three years. Therefore you need to develop a concept, which lays out step-by-step how you plan on answering your questions or how you want to test your hypotheses, cv for phd application germany. A table of contents on the next page should provide an overview of all the sections contained in the proposal.

However, it makes sense to start writing the main part first and then formulate the introduction to your letter of motivation last.

Depending on your field, you may also need to develop hypotheses on the potential outcomes of your study in the dissertation proposal. Your application will only be successful if your project fits into the graduate school's program. It is also important to work according to academic standards right away, i. The method: Many academics have a hate-love relationship with the theoretic portion of their dissertation. On the one hand, a well-chosen methodology is the foundation of a successful dissertation; on the other it is a tedious distraction from the real research work.

You also need to make sure to have a consistent, professional layout font, line spacing, etc. Finally, you should review the style of writing to make the text as eloquent as possible and ensure that no spelling errors ruin the positive assessment of your application. It might also be helpful to list some important texts from your research area even if you did not explicitly cite them. After all, you may well be asked about them during the interview.


At the same time, you need to be careful not to rely too much on personal anecdote: Unlike the "personal statements" that most American universities ask for, the letter of motivation should not become too personal. More importantly, you should illustrate how you have already prepared yourself for a career in academia and why now is the right time for you to pursue a PhD at a German graduate school.