In this essay, you must be specific about why you would be a better fit spending five years getting degrees from both Brown and RISD rather than getting one degree from either of the schools. You must show that it is necessary for you to get both degrees, and how you would like to use the knowledge you gain from both schools in your future. With available words, this essay should feature the same depth as your Common App essay, and should complement it. Although the two should not overlap in content, you can definitely expand on topics you briefly touched on in one essay in the other.

[email protected] Brown’s Pre-College Program in the liberal arts and sciences, offering over non-credit courses, one- to four-weeks long, taught on Brown’s campus. For students completing grades by June Brown University Application Essay Question Explanations. The Requirements: 3 essays of words; 1 essay of words Supplemental Essay Type(s): Why, Community, Activity Brown’s Open Curriculum allows students to explore broadly while also diving deeply into their academic pursuits. Sep 03,  · Along with the basic Common Application essay, the Ivy League schools require supplemental essay additional essays help these elite schools gain a deeper understanding of you as an applicant. They are your opportunity to explain how the school is a good match for you and how you can enhance the college Marie Todd.

Dual Degree program provides an opportunity to explore your interests and prepare for the future in two distinct learning environments. Students in the program exhibit an intense degree of intellectual rigor, as well as a broad ranging curiosity for both an arts and liberal arts education, college admission essay brown.

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For example, the first supplemental prompt asks you to discuss an academic interest, while the second asks what you will contribute to the university community. Now imagine you were aiming to study economics, and you have spent the last four years setting up and running an economics tutoring program in your local community; there would be little point in using the same accomplishment as an example to address both prompts. Similarly, we advise you to minimize the overlap between your supplemental essays and the universal Common App essay.

On the flip side, college admission essay brown, each should be sufficiently unique to highlight the complexity of your character and contrasting interests.

The goal is to sift through the mountain of information available and college admission essay brown specific details about the community and curriculum. You should reference these details in your essays to convince the admissions officers that you are intimately familiar with Brown University, college admission essay brown.

college admission essay brown

Feel free to go above and beyond, talking about your passion for improving the health of others and how you want to see that manifest in the world. Another possible avenue could be talking about your personal experience with the health field, and how that shaped you seeing doctors in a much more reverential light.

For more about PLME, check out our comprehensive guide. Committing to a future career as a physician while in high school requires careful consideration and self-reflection.

Focus on the common reasons you are attracted to both subjects. You can mention the opportunity to pursue the joint Geo-Bio degree offered through the Department of Earth, Environment, and Planetary Sciences at Brown, without abandoning your interests in poetry and anthropology through the opportunities presented by the Open Curriculum.

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But what about those who are undecided? You college admission essay brown simply mention the your top interests and why Brown is a good fit for you to develop those interests. It might be helpful to know that Brown is one of the few universities that allows you to construct your own major; if applicable, you can mention your desire to turn your multiple interests into a unique interdisciplinary major.

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Prompt 3 Tell us about a place or community you call home. How has it shaped your perspective? Your response to this essay prompt will vary dramatically depending on your history — whether you have moved around or grown up in one place, a small town or a big city, college admission essay brown, in the US or abroad. The examples below aim to illustrate several possible approaches to addressing the prompt: Example 1: Perhaps your parents were in the military and you moved constantly throughout your childhood, both within the US and abroad.

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If there is a standout patient whose college admission essay brown mesmerized you, and whose life was transformed by a doctor you assisted, talk about that. Or if through shadowing and becoming college admission essay brown to suffering, you grew to believe in the primacy of healthcare as the basic foundation to living a decent life, talk about that.


How do you envision the Program in Liberal Medical Education PLME helping you to meet your academic, college admission essay brown, personal, and professional goals as a person and as a physician of the future? College admission essay brown how these interests can be cultivated at Brown, and how they will ultimately allow you to become a better doctor. Students can thus craft an interdisciplinary education that allows them to pursue interests outside of the narrow pre-med curriculum.

In this prompt, reflecting on past experiences is critical. Whether that is shadowing a pediatrician at your local hospital for a summer, volunteering with an organization like the Red Cross, or doing lab research on pancreatic cancer, college admission essay brown, let the admissions team know that you have past experiences engaging in clinical or laboratory work, and that these experiences college admission essay brown increased your desire to enter the medical profession.

The program prides itself on this diversity, so explain how your passions and interests are disparate, but also connected to your overall identity, college admission essay brown. Talk about how being surrounded with other Brown-RISD students will foster your wide-ranging intellectual and artistic curiosities even further. Maybe you find literature critical for escaping into the worlds you want to create visually, and you want to dive deeper during your undergraduate years.

Top 1 Successful Brown Essays. These college essays are from students who got accepted at Brown University. Use them to get inspiration for your own essays and knock the socks off those admissions officers! Cybersecurity is a fascinating intersection of two . College Application Essays accepted by Brown University #FF's Joe Walsh Brown University. When life throws me a curve, I try to find an equation for the best-fit line. Actually, life never really throws me a perfect curve, only a series of data that resembles one. Most people are content by connecting these random dots, forming a. Jan 22,  · The "Burying Grandma" Example College Essay Example. Written for the Common App college application essays "Tell us your story" prompt. They covered the precious mahogany coffin with a brown amalgam of rocks, decomposed organisms, and weeds.


You could discuss your struggles and triumphs in learning the instrument, and dive into the experience of playing at a concert, or your drive behind pursuing the painstaking practice for years on end to hone your skills emphasizing your admirable work ethic.

A love for interacting with other people and learning about them is a key component in being a doctor, so make sure to illustrate this point through your experiences. Overall, just go off your past experiences in health related fields, your current ideas and beliefs, college admission essay brown, and your future dreams and goals.

Doing your research is important as it will help you avoid citing every generic reason for wanting to attend Brown, and help you stand out amongst a pool of equally qualified candidates. The real reasons you want to attend will be unique to your own set of circumstances, and avoiding general statements will highlight the genuine nature of your application. When planning your responses to the supplementary prompts, the essays should be considered collectively — they should be used tactically to represent a well-rounded portfolio of your characteristics, experiences and positive qualities.

Your narrative could incorporate experiences that illustrate your interest in each college admission essay brown — you can talk about a science fair project you worked on, college admission essay brown, a class you struggled in but overcame, a lab experiment you participated in, or a younger student you tutored, etc.

Overall, there are so many different academic fields that tie back to the core of being a doctor, and so make sure to express that fully. Here a few examples: 1 If you have a strong passion for the humanities, mention that, and then talk about how topics like literature and anthropology allow you to grow in empathy and understanding for the world around you, college admission essay brown. For example, college admission essay brown, you could talk about your passion for Hispanic cultures, and how you want to continue learning Spanish to form better patient-doctor relations with underserved Hispanic communities in your hometown, college admission essay brown.

You could talk about how you would draw equally from both fields, and how you want to design better transportation devices that take from the best methods of nature. As a result, college admission essay brown, you want to study East Asian history at Brown, where you will understand the context that your parents immigrated out of, and textiles at RISD, where you can craft bojagi Korean wrapping cloth with a sensitivity to its historical context.

In cases such as these, make sure to make the experience as unique to you as possible, and use this experience as a jumping off point to other activities you have done pertaining to the health field. Afterwards, brainstorm the key values you hold for your life.


The key here is to convince the readers that you are a good fit in this specific program, rather than as a Brown student who takes a few RISD classes or a RISD student who takes a few Brown classes.

Whenever possible, selecting an example that bridges your seemingly contrasting interests can create a very compelling essay. Prompt 2 At Brown, you will learn as much from your peers outside the classroom as in academic spaces. You can then emphasize how you will bring these traits to Brown, and contribute to the community through similar opportunities available on campus cite them if they currently exist, otherwise suggest expanding these opportunities once you reach campus.

You have the opportunity to delve deeply into one particular experience of activity, although your essay still needs to remain focused given the word limit. College admission essay brown, the activity and impact do not necessarily have to be large-scale.

After struggling to integrate into each new place, you eventually found solace in a community of expats while you were abroad. Maybe the group was especially diverse its members had greatly differing cultural customs from yours.

As a result, Brown admissions officers want to accept candidates whom they believe have tangible reasons as to why they want to become doctors. These reasons may include clinical and laboratory experience, as well as a general passion to improve the well being of others.

You could, for college admission essay brown, emphasize a specific moment that led to a particularly impactful interaction, rather than focusing college admission essay brown a general activity or extracurricular. Focusing on a meaningful impact, rather than a wide-reaching one, college admission essay brown, may better illustrate the traits that you would bring with you to Brown to enrich the university community.

Currently ranked 14 by US Newsthe selective university accepted a mere 6. An application to Brown University requires a completed Common Application, containing the universal essay prompt as well as three supplemental essays. Tell us about an academic interest or interests that excites you, and how you might use the Open Curriculum to pursue it. How will you contribute to the Brown community? What values and experiences have led you to believe that becoming a doctor in medicine is the right fit for you?

Rather than talking about a close relation who was hospitalized, which can easily become cliche, talk about how college admission essay brown experience volunteering in patient care or shadowing shaped how you view the profession.

Moreover, bring in your past experiences with the healthcare field, such as seeing a loved relation hospitalized, if they instilled within you a desire to eventually enter and better the industry. As a warning, however, it is easy to fall into the cliche of witnessing an older relative, usually a grandparent, college admission essay brown, pass away due to illness, and afterwards deciding to pursue medicine as a career.

While that may sound a tad overwhelming, the following essay guide should help break down each essay prompt into more palatable pieces. The first step is to take the time to ponder what it is about your selected subject that you really gravitate towards, and try to establish exactly why you want to study that subject or subjects. While this prompt might appear to only ask about your academic interests, it is also asking what you would like to study while at Brown it is a Brown supplemental essay, after all.

You could weave your interests together by emphasizing your insatiable curiosity for understanding both college admission essay brown and physical systems, and reference an example of something your desire to understand systems-thinking has led you to do in the past, or reflect on how this experience challenged your assumptions, etc.

You could discuss how your participation in your debate club or model UN — or you could share a discussion that you had with the model UN planning committee during lunch, and the consequences of sharing your perspective on a particular topic e. Focus on college admission essay brown concrete consequences of your actions, and you could finish your essay by explaining how you will contribute to the intellectual diversity at Brown through your unique perspective. Alternatively, you could approach this essay by focusing on skills you have cultivated, rather than personality traits, which enable you to contribute to the Brown University community by applying them on campus.

You could talk about how you want to be at the forefront of the burgeoning connection between artificial intelligence and health outcomes, college admission essay brown how being in the program will allow you to do so. Personal goals and professional goals are often one and the same, but make sure you have personal goals that extend beyond the confines of a career as mentioned in the previous prompt. Talk about how being a part of the PLME would allow you to best prepare for the two halves of your career in medicine, science and human interaction, and why you would thrive in this profession that simultaneously juggles both.

If you wrote your Common App essay focused on initiating the economics tutoring program in your community, college admission essay brown, you would appear more well-rounded by using different examples in your supplemental essays. Generally, the supplemental essays can be viewed as an opportunity to present complementary information to your main Common App essay.

college admission essay brown

Regarding professional goals, you could talk about how being a part of the PLME would mean the rare once in a lifetime chance of satisfying all your intellectual curiosities in undergrad while being able to go to medical school and become a doctor.


Our free webinar will tell you everything you need to know about filling out the Common App and what mistakes to avoid. Watch the webinar, college admission essay brown. Founded inBrown is best renowned for its Open Curriculumwhich has no general education requirements for undergraduates, allowing students to be the true architects of their education.